Ever considered who inherits your business debts?

When a business seeks further funding, financing is often sought through loans or overdrafts that require a guarantee from the individual seeking finance.

Small businesses often seek substantial business loans and these are often secured against personal assets such as the family home.

In the event of a permanent disability, critical illness or death the business may be unable to meet its commitments, potentially putting personal assets at risk.

The team at Specialist Advice Services can help you to implement appropriate loan protection insurance, assessing your requirements and providing a strategy to protect all stakeholders.

Loan Protection ensures that on the death or total and permanent disablement of a guarantor, the debt can be fully repaid.

Should you consider Loan Protection?

Loan protection can remove the financial hardship when an unplanned event takes place; it protects surviving principals and family members.

If you answer yes to the below questions, talk to Specialist Advice Service today for a comprehensive assessment of your loan protection needs.

  • Are you a business owner, director or partner?
  • Are you the guarantor for any business debts?
  • Are your debts guaranteed against personal assets?
  • Are you concerned about personal assets being at risk or being recouped from your family?