Like any new chapter in your life, when it comes to retirement, preparation can go a long way in ensuring you’re not only emotionally, but financially ready for the road ahead. Recent changes to superannuation law has reduced the amount of money that can be contributed into superannuation in any one year and also over an extended time.

It is now far more difficult to move assets into a “tax free” retirement environment over a short period. Planning for retirement and the transition of assets to superannuation now needs to start a lot earlier to achieve optimal results.

Retirement Planning advice can include:
  • When you can access you Superannuation
  • Portfolio Management
  • How much you will need for retirement
  • Funding of Pension Payments from Portfolio Income versus Capital Growth
  • Eligibility for the Age Pension
  • Downsizing your Principle Residence and making Contributions to Super
  • Pension Cap Limits