Estate planning is above all else, to ensure that the right amount of money is provided to the right people, at the right time. For most of us its about providing control and certainty to those that matter most; our chosen beneficiaries and family. If something happens to you, an effective Estate plan ensures your assets are distributed to your beneficiaries how you wish.

An appropriate Estate Plan is potentially the most important set of documents that you will ever prepare. Working closely with our legal partners, Specialist Advice Services can help guide you through the many considerations to implement a meaningful Estate Plan.

If you are in business it allows for the continuation of your business affairs, allowing you to extract equity efficiently and quickly with minimal disruption to your business or business partners. All of this needs to be done with consideration to deliver the most tax effective outcome and ensuring that the very best protection is provided against challenges to your Will or potential claims from creditors.


Estate planning is more than just making a Will. Implementing a power of attorney, nominating guardians for your dependent children and ensuring that the beneficiary nomination on your superannuation asset is kept up to date, are all critical aspects of an Estate Plan.

How does the facilitation process work?

As facilitator we will work closely with you and your team of advisers to project manage an Estate Plan specifically tailored to your needs. Your adviser will assist with the facilitation of your Estate Planning matters under a fee for service arrangement. Your adviser will explain how the fee structure operates.

What is the Estate Planning process?

Business protection and succession planning process diagram